Airtime Buying & Selling

Daystar is an airtime buying and selling agency that can help distribute your content in front of the eyes of millions of viewers. Our team is affiliated with many Television Networks and film and TV distribution companies around the world, which means we have the connections in place to help distribute your content.

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We specialize in distributing your advertising content to multiple outlets, ensuring it’s placed where your target market can see it.

  • Television commercials
  • Radio commercials
  • Online Commercials (ie. YouTube)

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Broadcast Network Applications & Licensing

Daystar has successfully registered numerous networks and is intimately familiar with CRTC requirements. Networks seeking to be carried by major distributors in Canada must first register with the CRTC. Our knowledgeable team can help you acquire the licensing you need to bring your vision to air.

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Content Development

For over 25 years Daystar has been actively assisting Independent Producers with developing their content from scratch; from music videos to TV commercials, to producing and co-productions. We specialize in quality presentation and always strive to perfection when it comes to developing your content for distribution whether it be digital platforms, TV, or international distribution, we do it all. Our team of producers and co-producers have been nominated for the Canadian Screen Awards because of the quality of our work as well as our production values.

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Canadian Programming

Our work on Canadian programing has been impeccable. Daystar Corp. has been working with the CRTC to obtain Canadian content for numerous organizations for over 3 decades and we are proud to have maintained a 100% success rate with the CRTC in acquiring C numbers for our foreign and Canadian clients. We give every application the attention and detail it deserves so you can be rest assured that your Canadian Program Certification Application will get the results you want.

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Closed Captioning

Daystar uses state-of-the-art equipment and software for all of your closed captioning needs. Our closed captioning is done in-house from start (transcription) to finish (encoding). This enables us to offer our clients competitive rates, along with the best quality control right under our roof including fast turnaround times. Each video received is logged and reviewed for:

  • 100% Accuracy, as per CRTC regulations
  • Sequential Time Code
  • Audio Quality
  • Video Quality
  • Overall Quality Control

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Funding & Grants

Looking to get your production started but lack the funding? We work with the Canadian Media Fund (CMF), Telefilm, and other production funds to ensure that you have as many choices as possible that can be tailored to your specific funding requirements to take your production to the next level.