Some of our television production services include:

Air-Time Buying and Selling Agency / TV Channel Playback and Master Control Services / Broadcast Network CRTC Applications and Licensing / C Number Applications Licensing and CRTC Consulting

Television viewing has evolved over the years. With the growth of cable and regional TV and the expansion of digital and live streaming, not only has the breadth of programming available become so broad, the way the viewer interacts with that programming has as well - from on the computer, mobile, tablet, and TV screens. What hasn’t changed is television’s tremendous ability to reach and influence your customers like no other media. We can help you with content research, script writing, and show development to ensure that your commercials, videos, and programs stand out and attract the right audience.

Television is a powerful means of communication, reaching a much broader market than many other forms of programming or advertising, we create and produce popular programming for major international markets. We have developed highly sought after series and shows featuring Hollywood’s elite and award-winning celebrities such as Joyful Noise- The Series, Spirit of Christmas with Kevin Pauls and Friends, Canada Glass Awards, Living Green and Grass is Greener.

The Power of The Medium