Daystar Corp. is an award-winning production house and media agency with over 20 years’ experience in the broadcasting industry. Whether it’s our own in-house productions, or collaborations with others, we have created television programming that has aired across the globe. We have contributed to the success of several multi Grammy award-winning artists, internationally recognized corporations and major television ministries. We have also collaborated with Indie artists, emerging businesses and community churches to meet their goals and achieve the success they desire. We thrive on the success of our clients’ projects and value their brands’ message, not the scale of their budget.

From working with Grammy award-winning artists, television personalities, corporate industries, major television ministries and many more. Daystar Corp. has gained the professional experience needed to ensure we deliver the best products and services to our valued customer. Daystar Corp. will always be there for you, when quality really counts.

We stay ahead of technological advancements in our industry by using a full complement of advanced in-house production resources to aid your vision. Our 5-step process: Concept Development, Pre-Production, Production, Post-Production and Distribution phases ensure that your story is our focus from conception to distribution.

Daystar Corp. takes pride in using an excellent creative team of producers, directors, crew and writers who create engaging media for corporate films and commercials for a number of highly recognized brands and companies. Daystar Corp. has also established a reputation for producing high quality television commercials that will fit your particular budget.

Our work on Canadian programing has been impeccable. Daystar Corp. has been working with the CRTC to obtain Canadian content for numerous organizations for over 2 decades and we are proud to have maintained a 100% success rate with the CRTC in acquiring C numbers for our foreign and Canadian clients. We give every application the attention and detail it deserves so you can be rest assured that your Canadian Program Certification Application will get the results you want.