For 25 years, Daystar has been helping people get their stories, events and series on television. We create and produce programming for markets all over the world.
Daystar offers equip and talent options which deliver professional live or in-studio productions no matter what the size or budget.
Our Studio options enable our clients to have access to state of the art studio facilities with either our in-house studio, or with one of our partner studios throughout North America
We offer key services including commercial and TV show placement, Marketing and more


Daystar is an award-winning production house and media agency with over 25 years’ experience in the broadcast industry.

The Daystar Process

Planning and Preparation

We start by getting everybody involved in your production ready to make your broadcast quality production.

Design & Development

Then we put our plans into action and design your set, get familiar with your venue or choose our filming location.


When our cinematographers, editors and producers put it all together and deliver your final product.